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Save Sodomy from Ulster

Ian Paisley Junior today declared himself to be ‘pretty repulsed by gay and lesbianism’. Thirty years ago his grim dad ran a gay campaign to ‘Save Ulster from Sodomy’. While this primitive phobia puts the Paisleys on a par with the Pope, it’s not the first time that it has got young Ian into hot water. >>> (more…)


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Bertie Ahern and the Magic Briefcase

Once upon a time, a nice boy called Bertie was given a magic briefcase. It could change money into different amounts, and nobody knew how. The story began when another boy called Michael came to visit his pal Bertie.

Michael put UK£30,000 into the magic briefcase, and gave it to Bertie. Both of the pals thought it still contained UK£30,000. Actually, it now contained just over UK£28,620 plus some pence. Neither of them noticed the coins that made up the extra pence, because it was a magic briefcase. >>> (more…)

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The Irishman who Invented the Penalty Kick

An Armagh man invented the penalty kick in 1890. A village team, Milford Everton, were bottom of the first ever Irish league table. But their goalkeeper, Willie McCrum, was about to change football for ever. >>> (more…)

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