Greens to Land on Planet Bertie?

June 4, 2007 at 11:31 pm Leave a comment

Fresh from winning the Rumble in Ranelagh, Green TD John Gormley is now leading his party into negotiations on forming a new Government. Surely John has not forgotten his recent scathing description of Fianna Fáil as a strange religious cult that lives without vision or values on Planet Bertie? >>>

Planet Bertie

In fairness to John, his Planet Bertie speech, delivered at the Green Party Conference in February, is so good that it deserves a full read:

Planet Bertie is a very strange place. As they might say on Star Trek, ‘It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it’. On Planet Bertie, you can sign blank cheques, because everyone does it apparently. On Planet Bertie you can spend the average industrial wage on make-up. On Planet Bertie you can get loans from people that you don’t have to repay. On Planet Bertie you can save €50,000 without a bank account. And on Planet Bertie, climate change doesn’t exist. All that stuff is made up by Trevor Sargent.

On Planet Bertie there is a strange cult called Fianna Fáil, a type of religion without vision or values. And every year in August they go on a pilgrimage to one of their sacred sites – the tent at the Galway races – where they pay homage to their Gods, and the Gods bestow them with gifts for doing their bidding. Oh yes, my friends, it’s a strange place, Planet Bertie, so strange and so alien to our sensibilities that it’s a planet that we Greens would like to avoid.

Planet Bowie

However, these sentiments seem to have been overtaken by another opinion that John expressed at the same Conference:

I cannot bear the thought of another five years in opposition.

Here’s another sci-fi metaphor for John, from David Bowie: ‘There’s a star man waiting in the sky, he’d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he’d blow our minds; there’s a star man waiting in the sky, he’s told us not to blow it, cause he knows its all worthwhile. He told me, let the children lose it…’


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