Twenty Major – Still Stirring in Dublin Blogs

June 19, 2007 at 12:11 am Leave a comment

I’ve just spent an hour on Twenty Major’s blog. Some of it made me wince, as he intended, and much more made me laugh out loud. Twenty Major is a provocative mix of Father Jack on steroids, Chris Morris (the satirist, not the footballer) and a politically-aware version of Viz, so you could see it as inspired genius or juvenile puerility. I’m going mostly with inspired genius. >>>

Ring of Sausages

Be warned: Twenty is easily annoyed, whether by parents who leave their children unattended (‘That lad might as well have been a ring of sausages running around the street, it’s no wonder the dogs tried to eat him.’) or by alcoholics and other drug addicts (‘They should be rounded up and brought to a special camp of some kind where all manner of experiments could be carried out…’)

Sleeping in a Safe

Twenty’s election coverage is perfect, from his party manifestos (‘We know how we’ve fucked up so we know best how to fix it’ versus ‘Bertie is a cunt. Oh, no he isn’t. We didn’t say that.’) to Bertie’s statement on his money (‘Things got so bad I was living in a safe in my office. Have you ever tried sleeping in a safe?’), all culminating in a review of the election result that everybody should read.

Marlowe and Poo

Other random topics that infuriate Twenty include how to take out anger on non-tangible things like songs, and how he let people down when he saw Barry Egan. There are also puns and wordplay, reviews of Philip Marlowe and of Twenty’s poo, and regular cameos from Twenty’s mates, Dirty Dave and Stinking Pete.

Come and Have a Go

Here’s my one reservation. I think the shock language would have more impact if it was used more sparingly, though I know from writing I, Keano that this is an endless debate with no correct answer. So, to borrow another football analogy, come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.


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