When Fine Gael Raided the Cookie Jar

June 22, 2007 at 12:40 am 1 comment

Yesterday I wrote that three current Ministers had opposed Fine Gael creating two new Junior Ministries in 1995. After more digging, I have now found at least eleven of them, including Bertie himself, who committed Fianna Fáil to abolishing those new jobs when back in power. This is what they said then. >>>

Bertie Ahern, now Taoiseach

As party leader, Bertie Ahern committed Fianna Fáil to reverting back to fifteen Junior Ministers when they next returned to Government. He also asked the Taoiseach this question in the Dáil:

Will the Taoiseach rethink some of the Government appointments, particularly at Minister of State level? Government Buildings are now sagging with the weight of five Ministers of State and their special advisers and programme managers. This means that senior civil servants have had to be transferred to the basement and to nooks and crannies.

Seamus Brennan, now Minister for Arts, Sport & Tourism

The proposal to increase the number (of Ministers of State) by two runs the risk of debasing what is a valuable coinage.

Martin Cullen, now Minister for Social and Family Affairs

The Taoiseach is abusing the taxpayers by going ahead with the promotion of two backbenchers to the positions of Ministers of State.

Noel Dempsey, now Minister for Transport & the Marine

No amount of fancy job descriptions can hide the truth, namely, that this is the first act of hypocrisy of this Administration.

Mary Harney, now Minister for Health and Children

This is both an abuse of power and an insult to the taxpaying public, which must foot the bill for the Rainbow’s self interested largesse

Éamon Ó Cuív, now Minister for Community Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs

‘One for everybody in the audience’… it appears there is no problem in spending money on the creation of additional jobs to overcome political difficulty.

Michael Ahern, now Junior Minister for Innovation Policy

We now know what he really meant, jobs for his own people… Trust even among his own supporters is not being restored by his cynical cronyism.

John Browne, now Junior Minister for Fisheries

Cronyism and the golden circle is rampant in this Government and it has a major apology to make to the people.

Tom Kitt, now Junior Minister as Chief Whip

This is an abuse of power… as soon as we are returned to Government we will revert to the former position of fifteen Ministers of State.

Sean Power, now Junior Minister for Equality Issues

The Fianna Fáil Party is as culpable in that regard as the Deputy’s party. The hypocrisy here over the past couple of years is unreal.

Dick Roche, now Junior Minister for European Affairs

We did not engage in the type of patronage we are seeing in this legislation.


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