Prank Letter to Irish Bishops

June 29, 2007 at 12:02 am Leave a comment

Here’s a prank letter I posted to several Irish Bishops a few years ago. The reference to Father Horan is to the Irish priest who interrupted an Olympic Marathon race by knocking over a Brazilian runner. I’ll probably write more about him soon, but for now here’s my prank letter to the Bishops: >>>

The Letter

Dear Bishop,

Ever since my husband and I saw poor Father Horan interrupt the marathon in Athens, we have been wondering how to restore the good name of Irish priests in the minds of Olympic fans everywhere. Then last night the perfect idea dawned on us.

We holidayed in Spain this July, where we saw the ‘Running of the Bulls’ in Pamplona. As you know, this is a festival in memory of the town’s first bishop, Saint Fermin. The bulls are raced through the town, and everyone has a party.

While it was exciting, it was marred for us by the fact that the bulls were killed at the end of it. But what if we had a more humane version of this Christian festival in Ireland? So here is our idea: an annual ‘Running of the Priests’ festival.

This would be an ecumenical event, where bishops, priests and ministers of all denominations, wearing their full clerical garb, would race through a different Irish town or village each year while being cheered on their way by locals and tourists alike.

It has the Christian connotations of Pamplona without any of God’s creatures being harmed, AND would bring thousands of tourists to Ireland, AND would change the world’s current negative linkage of Irish priests and athletics to a new positive one.

There would be no ‘competitive’ edge to the race; it would be in the spirit of the Dublin marathon, but with bishops and priests and ministers of all ages. What do you think? And would you be interested in getting involved?

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Joan Byrne

The Reply

Here’s the reply that I got from the Bishop of Limerick and Killaloe.

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