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Kreacher from Harry Potter – An Irish Icon?

I’ve just been to see the latest Harry Potter movie, and I spent most of the film trying to think who Kreacher reminded me of.


Then it dawned on me! Have a guess before you look… >>> (more…)


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Second Prank Letter to Bishop Pat Buckley

On Wednesday I posted this reply from Bishop Pat Buckley to this prank letter that I sent to him a few years ago. Here’s my reply to his reply: >>> (more…)

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Monday Quiz 6 – Cartoon TDs and Tax Avoiders

On this week last year (July 30 to August 5, 2006):

  • Which TD said that Donald Duck could retain his Dáil seat?
  • What desirable coastal property was Clare County Council planning to sell for up to €300,000?
  • The Broadcasting Complaints Commission upheld a complaint against Eamon Dunphy, and rejected a complaint against Gerry Ryan. What were the complaints about?
  • Why did an Irish equestrian team have its invite to a British dressage competition withdrawn?
  • What major Irish business was reported as having moved to Amsterdam for tax reasons?

Click here for answers: >>> (more…)

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Eddie Hobbs Hosts a Master Class in Eejitry

In this month’s You and Your Money, Eddie Hobbs surpasses even his own high standards of eejitry, combining prudent financial advice with very silly pictures of himself acting the eejit.

Eddie Hobbs SchoolEddie Hobbs DoctorEddie Hobbs Pensive

But it’s not just these memorable pictures that have made You and Your Money one of the five best-selling magazines in Ireland. >>> (more…)

July 29, 2007 at 12:53 am 1 comment

Last of The Father Ted Mastermind Questions

Here are the last six questions about Father Ted that helped Patrick Gibson win Mastermind in 2005.

  • In the episode Hell, Mrs Doyle said she had put cocaine in the cake but then realised she meant what?
  • In the final episode of Series One how does an exasperated Ted suggest Dougal managed to get into the priesthood?
  • In his escape from the airplane in Flight of Terror, Father Jack wants one parachute for himself and one for what?
  • In the first episode of Father Jack’s Dream about taking a group of schoolgirls for volleyball practice, what is written on the blackboard behind him?
  • In the beginning of New Jack City which horse is Ted cheering on in the race he is listening to on the radio?
  • In Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading, what does Ted suggest that Dick Byrne should give up for Lent?

Answers just a click away. >>> (more…)

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Prank Letter – Reply from Australian Museum

On Wednesday I posted this prank letter that I sent to the Australian Museum a few years ago. Here is how the Museum replied to my proposal for a very strange exhibition by an Irish performance artist. >>> (more…)

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Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me

I have recently been ‘tagged’ by John Cav of the New(ish) Journalism, which means that I have to post eight random facts about myself and tag eight other bloggers and ask them to do likewise. This is a sufficiently childish challenge to warrant a considered response, so here we go. >>> (more…)

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