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Prank Letter to Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal

Here’s a prank letter that I sent to Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal a few years ago. It is a proposal from a mad scientist who is trying to promote his new invention, a left-footed football. >>> (more…)


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Monday Quiz 3 – Irish Bishops and Millionaires

On this week last year (July 9 to July 15, 2006):

  • What world-famous entertainment complex was forced to close down after operating for less than six months in Dublin?
  • The Limerick to Dublin train was delayed by 20 minutes for what unusual reason?
  • It was revealed that the Irish Catholic Bishops had authorised doing what in 1945?
  • According to a banking report, what was the average wealth per person in Ireland?
  • Which well-known Irish institution decided to illegally retain a temporary car park on its lawn, defying the planning laws?

Click here for answers: >>> (more…)

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I also write Bionic Bohs, a blog about following Bohemians football club in the 1970s.


Bionic Bohs

As mentioned above, if you like Irish football and/or cultural nostalgia, I also write Bionic Bohs, a blog about following Bohs in the 1970s.