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Those Father Ted Mastermind Questions

In 2005 Galway-born Patrick Gibson from Wigan won Mastermind, a year after winning £1m on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? His specialist subject was Father Ted. Here are his first six questions.

  • Father Ted repeatedly makes what claim about the missing money that was the cause of him being sent to Craggy Island?
  • Which unfortunate priest is often distracted by phone calls from Ted while doing activities like knife throwing, downhill skiing, and being held at gunpoint?
  • In the first episode what song does Father Dougal slip into his recitation of the Lord’s Prayer?
  • In Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest, under which statue does Ted say he has left the money for the milkman?
  • As physiotherapist to the over-75’s football team what does Dougal believe the magic sponge does?
  • What’s the headline on the front page of the newspaper that someone is trying to show Ted while he is denouncing hypocrisy to Niamh Connolly in Rock-A-Hulu Ted?

Answers just a click away, and more of the questions tomorrow. >>> (more…)


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