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Monday Quiz 4 – Binge Drinkers and Tab Dodgers

On this week last year (July 16 to July 22, 2006):

  • What unusual event did several Limerick businessmen host at Burns Cove in Kilkee Bay?
  • A Dublin man took his employers to court after he was fired. He had told his former boss at a gala dinner: ‘I want to get this off my chest. You’re a little bollox.’ What excuse did his barrister give to the court for his client saying this?
  • A report was published on the drinking habits of patients in James Connolly hospital in Dublin. How many of them were found to be binge drinkers, and how old was the average binge drinker?
  • Which well-known bar let it be known that some of its customers were slow in paying off their tab?
  • What endangered species was Green Party leader Trevor Sargent talking about when he said that it was ‘like a wild salmon swimming upriver against the odds’?

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Prank Letter to Dana

Here’s a prank letter that I sent to Dana a few years ago. It is a song about all that is wrong with Ireland, to the tune of All Kinds of Everything. >>> (more…)

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