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Fishy Claims of Slimming Pills that Soak up Fat

Update: This advert for Plavsa has now been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland. For more details please click here or else read comment number 120 at the end of this post.

Plavsa Advert

According to a full page ad in this Sunday’s Irish Mail magazine, a ‘Dr. Slausberg from the University of Gotenberg (Sweden)’ has discovered ‘Plavsa, the slimming capsule that soaks up fat’. I have asked the Advertising Authority of Ireland to investigate the claims made for this and related products.

According to the hard-to-find Dr. Slausberg, Plavsa occurs naturally in fish, ‘which is why you never see a fat sea animal.’ I assume the good doctor has never seen a whale. Or a walrus. Or a seal. The ad also says that Plavsa ‘stimulates your digestive system by rapidly eliminating the binded fat molecules’, which sounds to me like a fancy way of saying that it makes you shit a lot more quickly than normal. So, more like a laxative than a slimming pill, perhaps?

The ad then points us to a website,, where the claims get even fishier. >>> (more…)


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