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More of Those Father Ted Mastermind Questions

Here are the second six questions about Father Ted that helped Patrick Gibson win Mastermind in 2005.

  • In Competition Times Ted is seen reading which glossy magazine which has a picture of The Pope on the front?
  • During the protest over the banned film The Passion of Saint Tibulus, Father Ted has a placard with ‘Down with this sort of thing’. What’s on Dougal’s?
  • In Tentacles Of Doom, what does Father Dougal think bishops do until Father Ted puts him right?
  • When the parochial house is infested with rabbits Father Ted says he won’t rest until there is only one rabbit left. Which one?
  • What make of ear clamps for stopping crows from pinching glasses are advertised in opticians on the mainland?
  • According to Ted in Entertaining Father Stone, what was the only side-effect of Dougal being struck by lightning?

Answers just a click away, and the last of the questions tomorrow. >>> (more…)


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Prank Letter to Bishop Pat Buckley

Here’s a prank letter that I sent to Bishop Pat Buckley, the Larne-based ‘unofficial chaplain’ to disaffected and alienated Catholics. The letter was sent just after the Bishop Casey scandal in the 1990s. >>> (more…)

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Bionic Bohs

As mentioned above, if you like Irish football and/or cultural nostalgia, I also write Bionic Bohs, a blog about following Bohs in the 1970s.