Harry Potter and the Queue of Obsession

July 21, 2007 at 4:30 am Leave a comment

Harry Potter Easons

As Deathly Hallows is the last Harry Potter book, and as my partner Anne has read all of them so far, I decided last night to allow myself to be ruthlessly exploited by the Harry Potter industry. So we spent from midnight until 2 a.m. queuing in the rain outside Easons in Dublin. >>>

Har-EEE ! Har-EEE !

We were standing between two groups of teenage girls, who every so often would burst into a spontaneous chant of ‘Har-EEE! Har-EEE! Harr-EEE! POTTER!!!!’ followed by a rendition of the theme music to the films.

‘We were at a disco,’ laughed one, ‘that’s why we’re dressed like sluts.’ But the slut look was somewhat undermined by the fact that they were drawing Harry Potter glasses and scars onto each other’s faces with felt tip pens.

DON’T TELL US ! ! ! !

Just after 1 am, someone who had already bought the book in Swords texted a friend in the queue with details of the contents. A cry of ‘She’s ruined it for me! She told me…’ was interrupted by a chorus of ‘DON’T TELL US!!!!’

Then the queue snaked a few feet forward, someone loudly screamed ‘We’re getting closer to HARREEE POTTER!!!!!!’, and all was well with the world again. The enthusiasm peaked when a flock of seagulls appeared overhead. ‘Look – it’s OWLS! From Hogwarts! With MESSAGES!!!!!’

Children’s Covers

When we finally reached the cash register, and I asked for two books, I was asked did I want adult or children’s covers. Unaccustomed to the protocol of buying Harry Potter books, I asked for two adult covers.

‘No!’ exclaimed my shocked and more Potter-experienced partner, ‘Get children’s covers!’ I wasn’t convinced. Out of curiosity, I got one of each. But she was right. The children’s cover is much better.

So now I have my first Harry Potter book. And, having been converted by the obsessive enthusiasm of the queue last night, of all ages and backgrounds, I am going to find time to read it.


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