Monday Quiz 5 – Irish Taxes and Cromwell’s Council

July 23, 2007 at 12:01 am Leave a comment

On this week last year (July 23 to July 29, 2006):

  • What prominent Irish priest was in custody in Germany on charges of incitement?
  • What was a Garda talking about when he said: ‘That’s the benefit of this. It’s totally random and it’s totally merciless’?
  • Why were some Irish speakers upset at a Revenue Commissioners leaflet about paying tax online?
  • Why did an Athlone businessman tell An Bord Pleanála that Dublin City Council was ‘no different to Cromwell’?
  • SIPTU called on an employer to pay the wages of a suspended worker until a Rights Commissioner could hear the case. But who was the ruthless employer, who SIPTU accused of ‘acting in a wholly unacceptable manner, completely outside due process and fair procedures’?

Click here for answers: >>>


  • Fr Neil Horan, the dancing Priest who is famous for interrupting sporting events to let people know that the end of the world is coming. He had been arrested after announcing a plan to dance an Irish jig and light a candle to Hitler on the day of the World Cup Final.
  • The first weekend of random breath testing, during which almost seventy drivers were arrested. You failed the test if you were above 35 micrograms of alcohol per 1,000 millilitres of breath, which is about one pint of beer or a large glass of wine.
  • The leaflet included information in English, Polish, Lithuanian and Chinese but not Irish. The Revenue Commissioners explained that Irish was not being downgraded, but had a status all of its own – an Irish version of the leaflet would be sent to people who specifically ask for it, but adding an Irish column to the main leaflet would make it too cluttered.
  • The Council had placed a compulsory purchase order on Dartmouth Square Park, at the centre of a Victorian Square in South Dublin, so that it could be used as a recreational amenity. The businessman, Noel O’Gara, had bought the park eight months previously for less than €11,000, and he now believed that it was worth €170 million.
  • The Union of Students in Ireland.

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