Monday Quiz 7 – Schoolbus Ban and Strongest Man

August 6, 2007 at 12:01 am Leave a comment

On this week last year (August 6 to August 12, 2006):

  • News broke that the Limerick VEC would not allow two schoolchildren to use their school’s bus. What reason did the VEC give?
  • What happened for the first time in twenty five years on the island of on Inishbofin, off Donegal?
  • Dave Warner from Coleraine won the title of Ireland’s Strongest Man. What events did he have to compete in?
  • Why did Bertie Ahern disassociate himself from the owner of a hotel in Sneem, two days after he had supported the development and been photographed with the owner?
  • The EU Commissioner for Equal Opportunities supported an Irish company who had refused to consider employing what type of person?

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  • That Department of Education guidelines would not allow Catholic children to travel on the school bus of a Protestant school (even if they were attending that school). The VEC later allowed the children to use the bus.
  • A wedding. The couple were Bernie Ryan and Jonnie Patton. Every household on the tiny 300-acre island helped out by storing wedding food in their fridge.
  • Pulling a truck; Lifting a 900kg car; Lifting concrete globes known as McGlashon stones; Pushing a long pole against other competitors; Lifting heavy weights several times in succession; and the Voodoo Medley of Death (carrying 400kg (900lbs) on his back over 15 metres, loading a 100kg stone on to a 1.8 metre high platform, and then carrying the 400kg back to the starting point – all within 90 seconds).
  • Because the owner, Louis Moriarty, was a director of a company trading as Dublin Waste, which had been centrally involved in two major illegal dumping operations in County Wicklow.
  • Smokers. The company, Dotcom Directories, had advertised a job and included the line: Smokers need not apply. Company director Philip Tobin explained that ‘If these people can ignore so many warnings and all that evidence, then they haven’t got the level of intelligence that I am looking for. Smoking is idiotic.’

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