Liberal Anti-Lifers and Sodomite Alliances

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Having last week reviewed the first issue of the fantastic Hibernian magazine, edited by a former IRA man, here are my highlights from issue two, published in June 2006. This issue includes my favourite piece of political propaganda yet, a dramatic exposé of, and I quote:

The homosexual/paedophile mentality of the liberal anti-lifers.

But that’s not all! Read on and be enlightened! >>>

Liberal Anti-Lifers

The exposé of the homosexual/paedophile liberal anti-lifers is part of an article titled A Gaelic Nation, that rationally outlines the dangers facing modern Ireland:

Liberals, backed up by homosexual anti-lifers, have attempted to redefine the identity of the Gaelic Irish. Through their attacks on the family unit, they have also seriously misrepresented the goals of a unified nation that will cherish all its children…

Are we willing to be displaced from the homes of our ancestors into congested urban centres that are designed to incorporate and accelerate the homosexual/paedophile mentality of the liberal anti-lifers? Are we going to let the Gaelic nation be overrun by multiculturalists who aim to suppress the native identity and replace it with a mongrelised version of world culture?

Naturally, such a series of questions would not be complete without this one:

Surely that is not what Traolach mac Suibhne, Padraig mac Pharais and other Irish patriots died for?

Sodomite Alliances

Another article, about the dangers of gay marriage, is titled Seeking Better than Unholy Unions. It gravely warns us that:

A nation which institutionally promotes, encourages or supports sin in any way, is a cursed nation. That nation has made a pact with the devil, and will, so, bring upon itself the hideous fruits of hell. Do not be surprised if such a nation rapidly degenerates – if it soon suffers from moral anarchy, lawlessness, political disintegration and even famine, war and disease.

Okay, that sounds like trouble, right enough. So what is causing this terrible future?

The Catholic Church teaches that sodomy is a sin which ‘cries out to Heaven for vengeance.’ Many people nowadays, hopelessly imbued with the false notions of the ‘enlightenment’, are quick to disregard this teaching. They cannot, however, ignore such a reality forever…

Did God create us so that we could become degenerate self-seeking perverts who twist both nature and reason? Of course not!… So, as a society, let us not dare make war with God by institutionalising practices which are physically sick, psychologically insane, and spiritually warped.

Well, that’s put me right off institutionalised sodomy. So how do we avoid these gay marriages – sorry, these sodomite alliances?

We cannot even hope that society will judge sensibly on the horrid proposal of sodomite alliances, unless it first of all re-sets its moral compass – away from the erroneous notions of the ‘Rights of Man’, and instead towards the unfailing exactitude of the duties and obligations of man towards the One True God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, as found in the dogmas, teachings and practices of the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Father Hardon

Finally, I cannot resist a cheap descent into juvenile humour. This issue includes a review of the Father Hardon Media Apostolate, which exists to counter secular humanism in the media, particularly in the area of sexual activity. They do know, I assume, that their founder’s surname is a euphemism for a particular part of the male anatomy in an excited state?

Reviews of Hibernian Magazine

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