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The Irish Star Who Became a Planet

If you discover a minor planet, you get to suggest a name for it. Most are named after scientists, explorers or composers, but some have been named after popular entertainers including the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Procul Harum, Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Yes and Eric Clapton. But who is the only Irish musician to have a planet named after them? >>> (more…)


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Quiz – Irish Counties Named After People

Here are the meanings of fourteen Irish County names, from the whole island, that are named after people or tribes. How many of them do you know? It includes two of the new Counties that the Irish Government created in 2001, Counties Fingal and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown.

  • Cainneach’s Church
  • Ciar’s People
  • Coman’s Height
  • Eoghan’s Territory
  • Failghe’s People
  • Foreigner’s Fort
  • Galvia’s River
  • Laoghaire’s Fort
  • The Laoigis (iron-age picts)
  • Macha’s Height
  • Manach’s Men
  • O’Farrell’s Fort
  • Viking Meadow
  • White Foreigner

Answers just a click away: >>> (more…)

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This is Literally a Paine-Full Pun

While the battery-pun joke is still current, here is another of my favourites. The American pamphleteer Thomas Paine is walking through Dublin, and he steps into a large puddle. He goes into the Irish Times office, grabs some newspapers from the desk, throws them onto the floor and starts wiping his feet on them. The man behind the desk asks what he is doing, and he replies: >>> (more…)

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Quiz – Irish Counties Named after Places

Here are the meanings of twenty Irish County names, from the whole island, that are named mostly after geographical features. How many of them do you know? I have included the original names for Counties Dublin and Tipperary, although in 2001 the Irish Government divided the old County Dublin into three new Counties, and divided the old County Tipperary into two new Counties.

  • Abounding in Shells
  • Black Pool
  • Fjord of the Flats
  • The Fort
  • Grey Hill-Ridge
  • The Hollow
  • The Marsh
  • The Middle
  • The Oak Grove
  • Oak Tree Church
  • Place of Shrubs
  • The Plain
  • Plain of Ewe Trees
  • Quadruple Lake
  • The River Lud
  • River of Cloaks
  • Solitary Farm
  • Weather Haven
  • The Well of Ara
  • West Central

Answers just a click away: >>> (more…)

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FAI Postpones Cup Final for Junket in Surf City

The ever-comical FAI has just announced that this year’s FAI Cup Final will take place on Sunday, December 2, a week later than scheduled. That’s a full three weeks after the League of Ireland season ends, which seems unusually bizarre, even for the FAI. That is, until you realize that the original Cup Final date clashed with an FAI junket to South Africa’s ‘Surf City’ of Durban. Here’s how I suspect that the clowns in Merrion Square took this decision: >>> (more…)

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Prank Letter – Reply from Michael D Higgins

On Wednesday I posted this prank letter that I sent to Michael D Higgins when he was Minister for Arts, Culture and the Gaeltacht. Here’s the reply that I got from the poetic politico: >>> (more…)

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What Else Would You Do With a Battery?

Son of Stan, on Forum, spotted this powerfully puntastic news headline on the RTE website yesterday:

Waterford Councillor Charged With Battery

Which reminds me of my favourite battery-related pun joke: >>> (more…)

September 27, 2007 at 3:39 am 3 comments

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