Posthumous Eejit Award for Father Mick Cleary

September 5, 2007 at 6:14 am 2 comments

The art of eejitry has quickly bounced back from the disappointingly sensible second edition of Eddie Hobbs’ You and Your Money magazine. This week’s fascinating documentary about Father Mick Cleary’s double life as a father and a Father has surely put him in line for a posthumous award for special services to eejitry. Just look at this unprecedented list of one person acting the eejit so many times in the the same programme. >>>

Father Mick’s Best Bits

  • Lifting his jumper to ripple his tummy at the camera.
  • Raising his eyebrows out of time with the music.
  • Pretending to be fondling someone by wrapping his arms around himself and rubbing his hands up and down his back.
  • Calling himself the Dirty Harry of the Irish Church.
  • Conning his sister into giving him her sweets by pretending to play Holy Communion.
  • Interrupting the Pope during the Papal Mass at Galway.
  • Generally acting the eejit with Bishop Eamon Casey at the Papal Mass at Galway.
  • Telling a mini-porno story to schoolgirls about how fellas wanted to bounce open their bras.
  • Telling a joke about hearing confession from an IRA man who had blown up two army barracks, and telling him that for his penance he should do the stations.
  • Getting his son to call him Father instead of daddy.
  • Calling Bishop Casey ‘that bastard’ for not telling him about his child, even though he himself was not telling anyone about his own child.
  • Telling the Late Late Show audience that he was lucky because he didn’t have the worries of a married man.
  • Saying that he thought he would go to Heaven but, if he didn’t, he wanted his money back.

The one thing that damages Father Mick Cleary’s mastery of eejitry is the way in which he denied the existence of his own son, even as he was dying. Acting the eejit is an admirable trait, but this was just acting the bollocks.


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  • 1. Shazgood  |  September 5, 2007 at 2:37 pm

    Cleary was in love with the celebrity of being a priest, the easy life of moralising and patronising all around him. His type is such an anachronism now. Interesting how the church tolerated his antics for so long, partly because, I think, they wanted someone less stuffy to reach out to young people. Pity he couldn’t turn the charisma on his own son.

  • 2. Michael Nugent  |  September 6, 2007 at 1:18 am

    In my opinion, the Catholic Church tolerated Cleary partly for the reason you suggest, and partly because they have always tolerated people whose antics are considerably worse than his were. His appeal to young people was probably just a bonus.


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