Ireland on YouTube Part 3 – Waterford

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I know it’s very 1970s, but I’m going to start with Gilbert O’Sullivan because I’ve been listening to his Berry Vest CD as background music for my writing this week. This is a medley of Matrimony, Clair and Get Down.

This next video is so surreal that I’ll just publish it without comment. It’s from TyphoonUpThe Deise, and it’s titled Waterford Alien.

Lots more Waterford-related videos are just a click away, including:

  • Ireland’s oldest Elvis impersonator
  • Twenty-year reunion gig by the Village
  • Warning: stay away from the water
  • A video tribute to Waterford United
  • An endless convoy of Volkswagon vans
  • Can love overcome a fear of stairs?

Here they are: >>>

Videos from KramProductions

Here’s another Waterford musical legend, courtesy of KramProductions. It’s Rocky Mills from Tramore, Ireland’s oldest Elvis impersonator, who has been singing Elvis songs for fifty years (so he has been Elvis for longer than Elvis was).

KramProductions have fifteen more videos on YouTube, including Rocky singing The Frankfurt Special, the 051 documentary about live music in Waterford in the 1980s, and this twenty-year reunion gig by the Village:

Warning – Stay Away from the Water

YouTube user JazzyJ1977 has uploaded this clip of Dean and Martin getting splashed by a giant wave at Tramore. Listen out for the manic laughter at the end.

Still, it could have been worse. Here are two powerboats flipping over during the Irish Grand Prix at Waterford five years ago. Note the casual thumbs-up from the first driver as he emerges from the sea.

Singing the Blues – a Tribute to Waterford United

BlueMovie1966 has put together this video tribute to Waterford United Football Club, who dominated League of Ireland football during the late 1960s.

An Endless Convoy of Volkswagon Vans

This video, uploaded by vw1978, has an almost hypnotic quality. It is a seemingly endless convoy of Volkswagon vans on a day trip in Waterford.

Can Love Overcome a Fear of Stairs?

Finally, this is a short comedy film with a brilliantly bizarre theme, by Elva Carri, uploaded by Waterford Youth Arts. It’s about a love-struck guy who has to overcome his fear of stairs when the lift to his apartment breaks down.

And here are almost twenty more short films from the WYD-eye Film Unit, Waterford Arts Festival and other Waterford sources, uploaded by Waterford Youth Arts.

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