Bertie Ahern and the Benevolent Buddies

September 11, 2007 at 12:10 am 2 comments

As Bertie Ahern is finding it hard to remember the various floods of money washing through his accounts in the mid 1990s, I thought that I might jog his memory by reminding him of what else he was doing on the dates in question. Here’s what he was doing on Tuesday October 11, 1994 – the day he mysteriously lodged an exact Sterling amount that was composed mostly of Irish pounds. >>>

Tuesday October 11, 1994 – The Lodgment

On this day, Ahern lodged IR£24,838.49 into his account. He says that this was IR£16,500 cash that he got from four friends, and £8,000 Sterling that he got from some millionaires that he had a meal with in Manchester. However, by a strange coincidence, the amount equates exactly to £25,000 Sterling based on bank exchange rates on that date.

Tuesday October 11, 1994 – On the Same Day

On the same day, Ahern may recall defending a 17% pay rise for himself and other Ministers. Perhaps he was thinking to himself: ‘Here’s poor old me, having to get by on paltry dig-outs from my mates and some blokes I don’t even know,’ when he said that the Ministers were worth every penny of the increase. And perhaps he was thinking of the unfairness of having to buy a house when he added:

Practically all of the European Prime Ministers are in the £80,000 to £100,000 pay range, with the crucial difference that they also have an official residence provided.

Also during that debate, Ahern may recall Fine Gael leader John Bruton telling the Dail that the Taoiseach (Albert Reynolds) was being untruthful about the Beef Tribunal. When Bruton was told that he could not accuse a TD of being untruthful, he rephrased it to:

The Taoiseach’s statements are irreconcilable and inconsistent.

Naturally Ahern was conscious of the unfairness of a Taoiseach being accused of irreconcilable and inconsistent statements. He quickly intervened in support of Reynolds, saying that Reynolds had clarified the matter many times. Ahern may also remember earlier that day, when he told the Dail that confidentiality was a key to the success of the 1993 tax amnesty, adding that:

This was to give an assurance that people could put their tax affairs in order through the amnesty without any question of being marked out subsequently for Revenue attention.

Perhaps here Ahern was thinking to himself: ‘Thank God, I don’t have to worry about all that Revenue stuff with regard to my dig-outs, given that they are loans and not gifts and all that.’

But whatever he was thinking, perhaps recalling these incidents might jog his memory about his peculiar bank lodgement that very same day. If not, my next post will try to jog his memory about the magical dollar lodgement two months later.

Jogging Bertie Ahern’s Memory

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