Devout Irish Catholics and English Homosexuals

September 18, 2007 at 1:53 am 4 comments

It’s a while since I reviewed the Hibernian Magazine, in which a former IRA man edits the best Retro-Catholic-Nationalist propaganda this side of the poetry of Padraig Pearse. Issue three, from July 2006, asks this presumably rhetorical question about the patriots who fought against the Black and Tans:

It is highly doubtful that the men of the Flying Columns, many of whom were extremely devout Catholics who prayed the Rosary together before military engagements with the enemy, would be impressed by current political developments… Would these heroes not be appalled at the antics of modern day Sinn Fein and Labour who ponce along O’Connell Street in Dublin with swarms of English homosexuals promoting sodomy as a lifestyle choice?

As usual, read on and be enlightened. >>>

Hell is an Eternity of Suffering

The above quotes are from an article that begins as a review of the film The Wind that Shakes the Barley. But the next next article, which is about Hell, is much more thought-provoking. It begins by asking us to:

Imagine a man with a bad conscience… He is doing, or has done something which he knows is wrong… Maybe it is a murder that he committed in his youth, a serious theft or even an adultery.

Note the phrasing, ‘even an adultery’. But there is worse to come:

Perhaps, on the other hand, it is that he has committed sins against the Faith, by either pretending to himself or to others that he is an atheist… ‘I can think what I like,’ he supposes to himself…

So what does this man have in store, who dares to suppose that he can think what he likes? Well, it’s not so good. He is damned to Hell forever.

In an instant of excruciating despair the dark shadow of an endless night will have descended. Despite this wretched blackness, he will see with horrific clarity the vileness of his sins, and, overcome with terror, his entire soul will at once and forever yearn for what it has forfeited – the eternal vision of God…

His whole soul will burn from within itself with an intensity far beyond that which earthly fire can have. The entire soul will become engulfed in an endless reaction against itself. He will be utterly detestable in his own sight, and everything he beholds will be vile and repugnant… Regret will be his constant lament as he is trapped in a hopeless panic that never ends.

And, of course, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The Chance of Life

However, lest we mistakenly believe that the Hibernian lives by faith alone, there is an article arguing scientifically that life on earth could not have happened by chance:

Earth occupies a unique position in the solar system being approximately 93m miles from the sun, just the right distance to support life. Any closer and it would be too hot while any further away it would be too cold for life.

The gases which make up our atmosphere are in suitable proportions. We have about 20 percent oxygen. If we had less than 10 percent then larger creatures including ourselves would have serious difficulties respiring and, conversely, if we had more than 30 percent oxygen then our atmosphere would be volatile and unstable.

The length of our day is 24 hours, which again is an ideal arrangement for animals. A Venus day lasts 243 Earth days. Imagine plants and animals coping with that arrangement. The tilt of the Earth’s axis (23.5 degrees) relative to the sun gives us seasons fundamental to the life cycle and the weather cycle. Each and every piece of the jigsaw is indispensable.

And so on for several pages. But do they reach the unremarkably obvious conclusion that the type of life that has evolved on this planet is the type of life that can survive on this planet? Nope. They conclude instead that:

We can only marvel at the intricacies that make life possible and awe at the Designer. If we still doubt the Intelligence that created all things then we should doubt our own intelligence. Nay we should doubt our sincerity.

So there you go. Two options. I will leave you to either marvel and awe at the designer, or else doubt your intelligence and sincerity, before I return with a review of issue four of the Hibernian.

Reviews of Hibernian Magazine

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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Shane  |  September 18, 2007 at 5:48 pm

    Imagine that, someone from the IRA commenting on morality! Ah well, he will have a chance to see if he is correct about the adulterers when he is burning in hell for those murders, sorry patriotic killings, his organisation committed.

  • 2. Michael Nugent  |  September 19, 2007 at 7:54 am

    Yes, they do have unique views on morality, don’t they?

    I believe that the IRA at one stage used condoms to protect part of their bomb mechanisms, and that some IRA men objected to this, on the grounds that using condoms was immoral.

  • 3. rathmineschessclub  |  September 19, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    And isn’t it curious how bullets fit exactly into the barrel of a gun and how our fingers are made just the right size to pull the trigger? One can only marvel at how perfect this all is and how much God obviously then signalled to us to use guns to further our republican ideals on earth.

  • 4. Michael Nugent  |  September 23, 2007 at 6:03 pm

    It’s certainly hard to defeat faith backed up by logic.


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