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Prank Dogbowl Letters 8 – To the IDA

Dogbowl Ad

It’s been a while since I updated the prank dogbowl letters, so here we go. You may recall that I had enlisted the support of the then Taoiseach, Albert Reynolds, for a daft project to manufacture dogbowls modelled as dinner plates (which nobody seemed to notice was actually just a dinner plate). When the Head of the Small Business Division of the IDA wrote asking to arrange a meeting, I replied with the above proposed advertisement and a letter that included numerous clues to the silliness of the project. Here is the letter: >>> (more…)


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Monday Quiz 19 – Harlots and Trapped Kittens

On this week last year (October 29 to November 4, 2006):

  • What local Irish community wanted to be officially known as a place of harlots, and what former TD said of the area that ‘It has always been famous for its hospitality and the beauty of the local women. In my younger days I often went there for a funeral and didn’t come home for days’?
  • What new toy did Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary offer to buy?
  • The Department of Marine finally promised to establish a sewage scheme in the Seven Villages coastal region of Waterford. When was the plan first proposed?
  • How many call-outs did the Dublin Fire Brigade service respond to on Halloween night?
  • How did a Limerick passer-by rescue a kitten that had been trapped under the bonnet of a parked car?

Click here for answers: >>> (more…)

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Bionic Bohs NostalgiaFest

If you are interested in Irish football in the 1970s and before that, I’ve just put up a few more new entries on my Bionic Bohs blog.

If you’re interested in cultural nostalgia, this entry on the Bionic Bohs blog lists some peculiar Irish news events from one weekend in September 1977.

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Drunk Irish Home-Owners Exporting Perfume

NationMaster.Com is a fascinating site, that brings together statistics from the CIA World Fact Book and other sources to create charts that rank nations in all sorts of areas of activity. Some of the figures are a bit out of date, because they have to match up the most recent data available from so many countries, but here are three areas that Ireland comes tops in:

  • Litres of Beer Consumed per Person per Year
  • Exports of Essential Oils, Perfume and Flavour Materials
  • Home Ownership

For completeness, here are the top ten in each of these categories: >>> (more…)

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Conor Lenihan Worth More than Entire US Senate

Taking into account the relative populations of Ireland and the USA:

  • Bertie Ahern gets paid 80 times as much as George Bush
  • Willie O’Dea gets paid 80 times as much as Dick Cheney
  • Conor Lenihan gets paid more than the entire US Senate

Here is how much more the Irish Taoiseach gets paid, per head of population, than the Prime Ministers of ten other countries: >>> (more…)

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Willie O’Dea to be Paid More than Dick Cheney

With their nice new shiny salary increases:

  • Bertie Ahern will be paid more than the American President
  • Brian Cowen will be paid more than the British Prime Minister
  • Willie O’Dea will be paid more than the American Vice President
  • Conor Lenihan will be paid more than an American Senator

But do you know how much our Ministers make compared to those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Slovakia? Click here to find out: >>> (more…)

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FAI Seek People Who Understand Football

As I’m sure they’re busy today counting out Steve Staunton’s compensation money, I thought I’d help the FAI with this recruitment advert:

FAI Coach Advert

And what was John Delaney thinking when he made the bizarre claim that the FAI hired Steve Staunton because they were following a ‘European model’ at the time of hiring former players with no coaching experience because international coaches cannot buy players? If he believes this, which of course he doesn’t, he is madder than any of us ever thought possible. When the FAI appointed Staunton in January 2006, the European countries who had qualified for that year’s World Cup had done so with coaches who had an average of fifteen years experience each before they were appointed. >>> (more…)

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