Prank Dogbowl Letters 3 – To the IDA

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Dogbowl Design 2

After writing this prank letter to the then Taoiseach Albert Reynolds about dogbowls modelled as dinner plates, and getting this reply from Reynolds saying that he would check with the IDA about it, I decided to follow up directly with a letter to the Managing Director of the IDA. I enclosed a sample design of what a dogbowl modelled as a dinner plate might look like (unsurprisingly, it looked not unlike a dinner plate). Anyway, here’s the letter: >>>

Letter to Head of the IDA

Dear Mr McGowan,

No doubt you have by now received a letter from the Taoiseach about the potential commercial viability of manufacturing Irish-made dog bowls modelled as plexiglass dinner plates. As the enclosed letter shows, the enquiry is on foot of a suggestion of mine.

I write to assure you that, despite the courteous first name terms tone with which Albert and I correspond, I would wish the enquiry to be treated strictly on its commercial merits, and not be influenced by other considerations.

The concept is domestically inspired – as with so many inventions – in that my daughter’s spaniel puppy will not eat his dinner unless we feed him on a family plate. However, none of the pet shops I have checked with stock dogfood bowls modelled as dinner plates. Hence the idea. Hence the enquiry. Bounce it around and see if it breaks.

I enclose for your perusal some outline potential design drafts drawn up by my wife Dympna. Perhaps you could send them ‘down the line’ as possible prototypes to whichever of your people has been assigned this project.

I must stress that I wish this enquiry to be treated strictly on its commercial merits. If it is a non-starter, please say so. If it runs, or even splutters, send it along to an appropriate entrepreneur.

Yours sincerely,
John Mackay

PS I must stress that neither Dympna nor I would insist on excessive personal remiuneration, beyond standard royalties, for these ideas – we must all contribute to the shared task of national recovery.

PPS – The IDA has of late come in for carping criticism from the political pygmies and layaboiuts around Leinster House – ignore them, get stuck in there, you are doing your job and doing it well.


Proposed Draft Design for
Dogfood Bowls
Modelled as Plexiglass Dinner Plates

Dogbowls Design

Dogbowl Design 2

Submitted to Mr Kieran McGowan,
Managing Director, IDA,
for Use in Commercial Viability Enquiry
Instigated by An Taoiseach, Mr Albert Reynolds TD

Reply from IDA

I’ll publish the reply that I got from the IDA on Monday.


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