Ireland on YouTube Part 5 – Armagh

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The creators of Magnum PI were careful to avoid Irish stereotypes in this 1983 episode titled Faith and Begorrah. The story supposedly starts in Armagh, where an Irish priest called Father Paddy McGuinness, who suprisingly has a fondness for whiskey, suspects a British army brigadier of stealing the ashes of Saint Patrick’s crozier while searching his church for IRA weapons. Here’s the first few minutes of the episode, culminating in Father McGuinness meeting Magnum in a bar and accusing him of blasphemy for ordering a Virgin Mary.

Lots more Armagh-related videos are just a click away, including:

  • The Rectangularabout and Curly Wurly Bridge in Craigavon
  • Gloria Hunniford getting gunged on Noel’s House Party
  • Three strange penalty kicks in honour of William McCrum
  • The Grand Master of the Orange Order of Ghana
  • Armagh Winning the 2002 All Ireland Final

Here they are: >>>

History of Craigavon

YouTube user Sesamus brings us two very educational videos on the history of Craigavon, focusing on the ancient Rectangularabout and the Curly Wurly Bridge.

Gloria Hunniford Getting Gunged on Noel’s House Party

Does what it says in the title.

Three Strange Penalty Kicks in Honour of Willie McCrum

I described in an earlier article on this blog how Armagh goalkeeper William McCrum invented the penalty kick in football. In his honour, here are three of the strangest penalty kicks ever.

The Grand Master of the Orange Order of Ghana

About fifty seconds into this next video, you can see Chamberlain Mamattah, the Grand Master of the Orange Order of Ghana, being interviewed on the twelfth of July 2007 at Loughgall, County Armagh, where the Orange Order was founded.

Armagh Winning the 2002 All Ireland Final

Finally, here is a fans-eye-view of Armagh winning their first ever All-Ireland Gaelic football championship in September 2002. It is filmed from the stands of Croke Park by Irish Flukey, with no commentary, just the passion and atmosphere of attending the game live.


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