Prank Dogbowl Letters 10 – To Bord Trachtala

November 10, 2007 at 12:13 am Leave a comment

Dogbowl Design 2

In the last prank dogbowl letter, the IDA suggested that I contact Bord Trachtala for further assistance. So I did: >>>

Letter to Bord Trachtala

To Mr Alan McCarthy,
Chief Executive,
Bord Trachtala

Dear Mr McCarthy,

No doubt you are aware that Kieran McGowan and Colm MacFhionnlaoich at the IDA have been working for some time on an enquiry into the potential commercial viability of manufacturing Irish-made dogfood bowls modeled as plexiglass dinner plates.

I am the principal in the venture, and the viability enquiry was instigated by the Taoiseach, Mr Albert Reynolds TD, who is being kept up to date on progress by Mr Jim Stafford in his office.

I’m currently test-feeding various size prototype bowls with various size dogs, and the IDA have pointed me in your direction for:

  • Current size of the Irish dogbowl and related market.
  • Sample trade and media adverts for current dogbowl and related products, either here or abroad.

Another thought: certain dogs (German Shepherds, Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds) are marketed by nationality. Perhaps you could check whether this has any equivalence in the dogbowl area?

If not, we could get in first with an imaginative nationally identifiable product name such as

The Irish Wolf-It-Down-Hound-Bowl.

I look forward to hearing from you, Mr McCarthy, and to a continuation of the excellent assistance I have received from the IDA – it shows the political chihuahuas who seek to muzzle your work that their ideological bark is worse than the State’s entrepreneurial bite!

Yours sincerely,
John Mackay

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I’ll put up the reply that I got from Bord Trachtala in a few days.


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