Backstage Requirements of Irish Music Acts

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The Smoking Gun website has a great list of riders attached to contracts signed by musicians performing throughout the world. Here are some of the backstage requirements of U2 and Sinead O’Connor during some of their tours. >>>

U2 Zoo TV Tour Alcohol Requirements, 1992

These are the alcohol requirements for the Zoo TV tour show. Please note that all beer is bottled beer!

  • One case of Rolling Rock or a local domestic bottled beer.
  • Four cases Heineken.
  • 1/2 case Guinness Stout.
  • 1/5 Cuervo Tequila.
  • 1/5 Stoli or Anbsolut vodka.
  • 1/5 Jack Daniels Black.
  • 2/5 Moets White Star Champagne.
  • Three very good French white Chardonnays.
  • Three very good French red Bordeauxs.
  • Two Mouton Cadet red wines.

Sinead O’Connor’s Dressing Room Requirements, 2002

This room should be large, well lit, and well furnished with a dressing table, comfortable sofa and chairs, ample power points, a clothes rail and four clean towels. It should have direct and exclusive access to a toilet and a shower. The room must be equipped with heating/air conditioning and a full-length mirror.

It should contain the following catering at a time to be decided in advance by the tour manager:

  • Assorted nuts, snacks and cookies
  • Fruit (uncut) — oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, lemons, bananas, etc to be supplied with a sharp knife and a grater.
  • Honey — both clear and solid.
  • Coffee and tea making facilities to include English teabags, an electric kettle with manual off switch.
  • One quart/litre fresh milk (not half and half).
  • One quart/litre freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • One quart/litre apple juice — fresh containing no added preservatives etc.
  • 12 cans of assorted soft/soda drinks.
  • Three quarts/litres Evian water.
  • Two bottles of good-quality champagne, i.e. Moet et Chandon.
  • Selection of fruit drinks e.g. Fresh Zuppen, Fortiship etc.
  • 11 champagne glasses.
  • 40 cigarettes (Marlboro Lites).
  • Root ginger — raw (about two hands worth), three china plates, knives, forks, spoons etc.
  • Hot and cold cups, napkins, rubbish bin, ashtrays etc.
  • Plenty of ice both to cool drinks and to put into drinks.
  • Masseur — to be paid for by the artist.

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