Ten Most Godless Irish Cities and Counties

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One in every twelve Dubliners has no religion, and only six Irish cities or counties have more than the national average of people with no religion. Here are the top ten most godless Irish cities and counties, and the amount of people with no religion in every Irish city and county. >>>

Ten Most Godless Irish Cities and Counties

  • 8.5% – Dublin City (506,211 people, 43,177 of no religion)
  • 7.5% – Galway City (72,414 people, 5,439 of no religion)
  • 7.2% – County Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown (194,038 people, 14,038 of no religion)
  • 5.8% – County Wicklow (126,194 people, 7,303 of no religion)
  • 5.8% – Cork City (119,418 people, 6,880 of no religion)
  • 5.4% – County Fingal (239,992 people, 13,026 of no religion)
  • 4.3% – County South Dublin (246,935 people, 10,496 of no religion)
  • 4.2% – County Clare (110,950 people, 4,680 of no religion)
  • 4.1% – Limerick City (52,539 people, 2,168 of no religion)
  • 4.1% – County Leitrim (28,950 people, 1,189 of no religion)
  • 4.1% – County Cork (361,877 people, 14,679 of no religion)

The average for the State is 4.4% (approx 4.2m people, approx 70,000 of no religion). The actual average is probably higher, for reasons explained here.

The Rest of the Irish Cities and Counties

  • 3-4% – Waterford City; and Counties Kildare, Kerry, Sligo, Galway, Waterford, Meath, Wexford and Louth.
  • 2-3% – Counties Kilkenny, Carlow, Limerick, Westmeath, Mayo, Roscommon, South Tipperary, Donegal, North Tipperary, Cavan, Laois, Offaly, Longford.
  • 1-2% – County Monaghan.

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