Dictionary of Dail Exchanges Part 2

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In part two of an occasional feature, here are some more educational entries from the That’s Ireland Dictionary of Dail Exchanges, this time covering the parliamentary terms:

  • Calcutta Express, The
  • Country, Pathetic Little

Here are the full dictionary entries: >>>

Calcutta Express, The

The Castlebar Express, according to Fine Gael TD Jim Higgins:

Travelling on the safari train to Mayo is a hazard. The 18.05 train from Heuston Station on Thursday, Friday and Saturday is an experience… People queue for the best part of 45 minutes while the train is being cleaned. After the whistle goes and the green flag is raised there is a stampede. I have seen elderly people tumble, children crushed and people left behind. With ten minutes to go the train is choc-a-bloc. I am amused sometimes at the sign inside the train in Irish, ná fágtha bágaiste ins na pasáiste: do not leave baggage in the passages. There is bágaiste, pasáiste, daoine de dhuile shórt, people who have had hip replacement operations standing in the aisles or between the wagons and litter everywhere… This is not good enough. It is more like the Calcutta express than the Castlebar express. It is chaos.

Motion on Rail Service, 10 Dec 1997.

Country, Pathetic Little

Ireland, as described by Green Party TD John Gormley:

There are many people who will identify with Raphael Burke and Deputy Foley and who will say, ‘I wouldn’t mind £30,000 in a brown paper bag.’ Look at the sympathy for Deputy Lowry who topped the poll. The chattering classes in Dublin will say, ‘Isn’t that awful? It must be some sort of rural aberration. It could not happen in Dublin.’ It could. If Charles J Haughey were to run for election he would enjoy electoral success. If Raphael Burke were to run for election he could possibly top the poll. Despite all our pretensions and so-called sophistication in this Celtic tiger economy the gombeen culture still flourishes in this pathetic little country of ours.

Motion on Ansbacher Accounts, 8 Feb 2000.

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