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Monday Quiz 41 – Petrol, Pensions and Prisons

On this week last year (Mar 31 to Apr 6, 2007):

  • How much petrol could you buy for the same price as a litre of bottled water?
  • In a survey of teenagers in the midlands and north-east, what was the average age that they first got drunk? And how many said they had been drinking on at least six of the previous 30 days?
  • What was unusual about the decision that a former Circuit Court judge was to receive a lump sum payment from the State of €57,000, and an annual pension of €19,000?
  • Who arrived in Dublin and said: “I have to shake this man’s hand. I’ll give him a grip,” and who was he talking about?
  • What happened to former Fianna Fail Councillor, Michael Fahy, the day before he was due to begin a 12 month jail sentence for misappropriating funds from Galway County Council?

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Tim Nice-But-Dim Contradicts Ahern Evidence

Ahern Laughing

I’ve just noticed a very clever question from Tribunal barrister Des O’Neill, which exposes yet another plot hole in Bertie Ahern’s fairytale of Drumcondra. This one involves Tim ‘Nice-but-Dim’ Collins, the serial account opener who claims that figures are not his forte, contradicting a key element of Ahern’s sworn evidence. I’m sure this exchange will feature in the Tribunal’s final report. >>> (more…)

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Monday Quiz 40 – Cronyism and Smoking Bans

On this week last year (Mar 24 to Mar 30, 2007):

  • Which Green Party TD called for an end to ‘crass cronyism’ in the way appointments are made to public bodies, and added that if there is to be a change in Government, ‘there has to be a change of culture too’?
  • Which Green Party TD, a few months later, lost his seat in the General Election and was then appointed to the Senate by Bertie Ahern?
  • What proportion of Irish businesses did Office of Tobacco Control report were in breach of the smoking ban?
  • What proportion of public houses did Office of Tobacco Control report were in breach of the smoking ban?
  • Which former Fianna Fail Minister said on RTE that, after twenty years in office, he now had to ‘actually find where the Aer Lingus desk is and join the queue like everybody else’ at airports, and also ‘look at things that I didn’t know existed, which are monitors which show your arrivals and departures and the times and the boarding gates – that is all totally new, a totally new world.’

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Muppets Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day

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Irish Golfer Wins Lowest Ever Prize Money

From the homepage of the Irish Times today:
IT Golf
Actually, McDowell won $333,000 of a $2.9m prize fund.

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Bertie Ahern Gets Another Huge Digout

Here’s an interesting sight from yesterday on Drumcondra Road – a large-scale digout operation going on in front of Saint Luke’s, Bertie Ahern’s famous constituency office cum sleepover pad cum informal financing office.

Saint Lukes Digout

So what is going on? Perhaps, as Ahern feared at the Tribunal, Saint Lukes is actually sliding into the Tolka (presumably underneath the several buildings in between it and the river)? Or perhaps the digout is an audacious tunnelling attempt to reach Ahern’s infamous ‘safe safe’? You know, the one that turns random uncounted bundles of Irish and English money into large exact round-sum dollar and sterling amounts? Or a briefcase of £30,000 in cash left by Michael Wall for Ahern? Or an envelope with £20,000 in cash left by Tim Collins for Joe Burke?

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Monday Quiz 39 – Junkets and Jail Terms

Sadly, another week has passed during which real life has interrupted my blog posting. However, nothing can stop the Monday Quiz. On this week last year (Mar 17 to Mar 23, 2007):

  • Which Government Minister cost most to travel on their Saint Patrick’s Day junket – Martin Cullen going to San Francisco, Noel Dempsey going to Dallas and Houston, or Mary harney going to Scandinavia?
  • Which Junior Minister cost most to travel on their Saint Patrick’s Day Junket – Pat ‘the Cope’ Gallagher going to Atlanta and Philadelphia, Michael Ahern going to Kuala Lumpar and Singapore, or Tom Parlon going to South Africa?
  • Why was former Fianna Fail Councillor Michael ‘the Stroke’ Fahey of Galway jailed for twelve months and fined €75,000?
  • Whey were 400 prisoners or former prisoners suing the State?
  • What shock did passengers on two Aer Lingus flights to Rome get?

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