Bertie Ahern and the Horrors of DT

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Ahern Laughing

I am surprised that the media has not followed up on the report in Sunday’s Irish Mail that ‘Digout Des’ Richardson and Tim Collins had an account called the ‘D/T’ account in the same branch of the Irish Permanent as Bertie Ahern’s mysterious ‘B/T’ account. If this is true, it seems at least possible that the B/T account stands for ‘Bertie and Tim’ and not, as Ahern told the tribunal, ‘Building/Trust’.

I was at the Tribunal on the day that the Tribunal barrister, Mr O’Neill, was asking Ahern questions about the ‘B/T’ account, into which donations to Fianna Fail were lodged and from which £30,000 was withdrawn to enable Ahern’s girlfriend to buy a house. In light of the emergence of the ‘D/T’ account, Ahern’s evidence on that day makes fascinating reading. >>>

Fianna Fail and Initials

Before O’Neill had started to ask Ahern about the ‘B/T’ account, Ahern suddenly went off on a tangent and started to explain that Fianna Fail describes everything in initials, for example CDC for Comhairle Dail Ceantar and PP for Parliamentary Party. It seemed like a random Ahern diversion, but its purpose soon became clear.

When O’Neill did ask Ahern about the ‘B/T’ account, Ahern replied that it was a Building Trust account, and that it was named ‘B/T’ because Fianna Fail describes its accounts in initials. O’Neill replied that the constituency account is named as the ‘Number 1 Constituency Account’, with Ahern’s name, and with no initials.

The Bertie and Tim Account?

The ‘B/T’ account was opened in 1989 by Tim Collins, a close friend of Ahern’s, and on the face of it there is nothing to connect it with Fianna Fail. In fact, when opening the account, Collins signed a declaration saying that the investment was his own property and that he was not acting as a nominee for any other person or organisation.

Not only that, but Collins did not give a Fianna Fail address for statements to be sent to. In fact, he did not give any address. He asked that the address of the branch of the Irish Permanent itself should be attached to the account, so that in effect statements would not be sent anywhere.

Ahern went on to claim that the purpose of the ‘B/T’ account was to fund the development of his constituency office, St Lukes, in Drumcondra. However, the account has never been used for that purpose, despite the fact that development work has been done on St Lukes.

All that has happened is that various sums of money donated to Fianna Fail were lodged into it between 1989 and 1995, and £30,000 was withdrawn from it in 1993 to enable Ahern’s girlfriend, Celia Larkin, to buy a house.

Then, in January of this year, after the tribunal had discovered the account (because a cheque to Ahern from Davys stockbrokers had been lodged into the account), Tim Collins suddenly asked the Irish Permanent to rename the account from ‘B/T’ to ‘Building Trust’ and Celia Larkin suddenly repaid the £30,000 with interest.

The Des and Tim Account?

Now the Irish Mail on Sunday has reported that in 1991, two years after the ‘B/T’ account was opened, another account was opened in the same branch of the Irish Permanent, this time called the ‘D/T’ account.

The ‘D/T’ account was also opened by Tim Collins, this time with ‘Digout Des’ Richardson, and the address that was used was an office in Merrion Square where a company was based of which both of them were directors.

‘Digout Des’, you may remember, not only supposedly organised one of Ahern’s fairytale digouts, but he also took a cheque from stockbrokers NCB, that was intended as a political donation to Fianna Fail, and diverted it into a personal donation to Ahern. A company with which ‘Digout Des’ was involved also sent NCB a false invoice for work that was never done to cover the tracks of this transaction.

The Irish Mail on Sunday also says that it has learned that, in a number of transactions that Collins carried out on the mysterious ‘B/T’ account, the name of the account is referred to as ‘B x T’, or ‘B and T’.

So, the obvious question arises, and is asked by the Irish Mail on Sunday: if the ‘B/T’ account did not stand for ‘Bertie and Tim’, then why is the Des and Tim account called ‘D/T’?

Who knows?

Perhaps ‘D/T’ stands for Delirium Tremens, as Bertie, Tim and Des must all be gone through the horrors at the moment, and the symptoms of DT include confusion, disorientation and agitation.

Over to you, Bertie.


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