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Almost Anonymous ‘No To Lisbon’ Posters

You’ve probably seen the almost anonymous ‘No to Lisbon’ posters festooning the lamp posts of Dublin and probably elsewhere. If not, here are a couple of them:

Well, If they were anonymous, they would be illegal.

Section 140 of the Electoral Act 1992 makes it illegal to publish any notice, bill or poster promoting an election candidate without including the name and address of the printer and of the publisher. Section 6 of the Referendum Act 1994 applies this provision to referendums.

But these posters scrape into the legal category, because they have a tiny line of text, which is unreadable when the poster is high on a lamppost, that describes the publishers as Coir.

Coir is based at the same address as Youth Defence, and its spokesperson is Richard Greene.

Campaign against Lisbon if you want, but have the courage to let voters know who you are.


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What If – Pee Flynn and the Tribunal

RTE do a radio show every Sunday that examines what might have been if certain political events had not happened. Today it was about what would have happened if Padraig Flynn had not appeared on the Late Late Show and prompted Tom Gilmartin to give evidence to the Flood Tribunal. I was a guest on the show, along with journalist Michael Clifford.

You can listen to it here.

What If?, RTE Radio One, Sunday 4 May 2008

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