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That’s Ireland

Endangered Irish Species – Only One Exists | Irish Clubs with Exactly 1,000 Members
Ten Most Catholic Irish Rural Places | …Urban Places | …Towns | …Cities and Counties
Ten Least Catholic Irish Cities and Counties | More Education = Less Religion
Ten Most Godless Irish Rural Places | …Urban Places | …Towns | …Cities and Counties
Fastest-Growing Irish Counties and Cities | Childishly Rude Irish Placenames
Irish Counties Named after People | Irish Counties Named after Places
Ireland is the 8th-Happiest Nation in the World | Ireland is the 5th-Happiest Nation in the EU
Ten Most Fertile Places in Rural Ireland | Ten Most Fertile Palces in Irish Cities
Ten Best Places to Hear a Cúpla Focail | Ten Worst Places to Hear a Cúpla Focail
The Only All-Irish Place in Ireland | The Mostly-Irish Enclaves of Limerick
Places with a Majority of Non-Irish Nationals | The Most Multi-Cultural Rural Irish Areas
The Most Stable Marriages in Ireland | The Least Stable Marriages in Ireland
Ten Best Places in Ireland to Find a Party | Ten Worst Places in Ireland to Find a Party
Ten Best Places in Ireland to Find a Man | Ten Best Places in Ireland to Find a Woman

That’s Ireland on YouTube

Belfast | Cork | Waterford | Grafton Street Buskers | Armagh | RTE Nostalgia

That’s Funny

The Legal case of the Serpent Versus God | Make Your Own Online Safety Signs
Waters Changes his Tune on Eurovision | Diet of Worms Open Puffincat Comedy Club
Will Ferrell as President George W Bush | Bad Taste Joke of the Week
Arthur Riordan’s Improbable Frequency | The Funny, Multi-Talented Robbie Bonham
Fairytale of Drumcondra | David Kenny’s Erindipity Rides Again
Eejit of the Year to be Decided Today
| John Waters Wins Eejit of the Year 2007
Race Continues for Ireland Football Manager | Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly’s History of Ireland
Irony of Article about Irony of Literacy Report | I have Applied to be Ireland Football Manager
Barking Mad Laws for Irish-Speaking Dogs | Diet of Worms Present the Walkies Awards
The Onion Magazine on U2
| Michael Flatley, Irishness, Sex and The Brits
The First Time I Applied to Manage Ireland
| HeadWreckers Highlight Strange New Disease
67 Reasons Why Condoms Spread AIDS
| Eggs – Dawn of the Zombie Irish Priest
Dublin Stories by Novara Films and Diet of Worms
| This is Rapid News
What Else Would You Do With a Battery?
| This is Literally a Paine-Full Pun
Nincompoops and Buffoons in the Dail | Gerry Adams Jilted as Mayor Injures Tomato
Warning – It is Illegal to Watch this Video | The Most Secretly Truthful Answer Ever!
Quiet Now – The John O’Donoghue Rap | Osama Bin Laden Sings ‘Only One Keano’
There Must Be a Meteorite Hit the Line | The Bollocks has Given a Penalty
Don Baker Pranked on Naked Camera| Taxi Union Boss Pranked on Naked Camera
Family Guy Visits Ireland | Dave Allen Funeral Sketch | The Colombia Three
Kreacher from Harry Potter – An Irish Icon?
| Posthumous Eejit Award for Fr Mick Cleary
Eddie Hobbs Hosts a Master Class in Eejitry | Eddie Hobbs Falters with Poor Show of Eejitry
The Riverdance Rap | ‘Gay Byrne and You are Insufferable Arseholes’
The Sorted Party on Your Doorstep | Who’s in the House? Jesus in the House!
Why, That’s Delightful! by Graham Linehan | Twenty Major – Still Stirring in Dublin Blogs
Was Sir Terry Wogan in the IRA? | Eurovision 2007 – Can’t Stop the Song
Bertie Ahern and the Magic Briefcase | Fianna Fail – the Pirate Party
Greens to Land on Planet Bertie? | Why the Green Party Landed on Planet Bertie
Bono Finds God Living in a Cardboard Box | Bono Finds God (Unplugged)

That’s Interesting

The Craic We Had the Day We Dined for Ireland |
Irish Blog Awards 2008 | Lucky Dip of 400 Best Irish Blogs |
Henry Rollins Band singing Liar | The Top Five Blogs at the Digital Media Awards
Backstage Requirements of Irish Music Acts | Nuns Just Want to Have Fun in Bradog
Dictionary of Dail Exchanges Part 1 | Dictionary of Dail Exchanges Part 2
Great Irish Political U-Turns of the 1990s | Great Irish Political U-Turns of the 1980s
Our Cat Jane Watching Garfield on TV | Merry Christmas Everybody
Happy half-Birthday to That’s Ireland | The Six Oldest Dubliners in the 1911 Census
What Caused the 1921 Split in Irish Football? | Bohemian FC History Calendar 2008
Ireland – Maddest Football Fans in the World
| Hickey’s Tales from Beyond the Pale
The Tribunal as Popular Art
| Marc Bolan Anniversary – Glam Rock NostalgiaFest
How Safe is Your Street from Flooding?
| Drunk Irish Home-Owners Exporting Perfume
The Irish Star who Became a Planet | The Irish Eurovision Poem
Another Dance from Groovy Dancing Girl | Exactly 100 Years Ago Today in Ireland
Five Great Irish Links on StumbleUpon | Cleesawns, Hallions, Tippers & Who-But-Me’s
Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me | Vikings Return Today, No Rape or Pillage Expected
Tori Amos and the Boomtown Rats | Harry Potter and the Queue of Obsession
The Best Trip I’ve Ever Been On | My New Blog about the 1970s – Bionic Bohs
Brazil 4 All-Ireland 3 – Derek Dougan R.I.P. | Ollie Byrne R.I.P & the Friendship of Pets
Fifty Years of Spinners and Winners | The Scandal of Saint Charles of Mount Argus
Why do Most Single Women Live in South Dublin? | Anna Nolan on Big Brother 2000
The Dark Days of Clontarf in the 1960s | John Waters & God v. Hitchens & Reason
Blem Over to Urban Dictionary | Blem Has Blemmed Up the Urban Dictionary
The Power of Alphabetical Voting | The First Time I Met Bertie Ahern
Hurling Rules Ban Drunken Violence | When the GAA Used Soccer Scoring
Irishman who Invented the Penalty Kick | Irishman who Invented the Offside Trap

That’s My Soapbox

Bertie Ahern at the Tribunal Part 1 | Part 2 | FAI Leakathon is Dream for Online Traders
The Cardinal Connell Child Sex Abuse Files | The Connell Files No 1 – Fr McGennis
The Connell Files No 2 – Fr Payne | The Connell Files No 3 – Fr Reynolds
The Connell Files No 4 – Fr Walsh | The Connell Files No 5 – Fr Naughton
Cover-Up of Clerical Child Sex Abuse Continues
| The Scale of Clerical Child Sex Abuse
The Case for a Secular Irish Constitution | Taoiseach Doesn’t Mind Being Called a Liar
Plavsa Drops Reference to Untraceable Inventor
| Enda Kenny’s Bizarre Debating Tactics
Banned Ad is Back – Avoid Plavsa Slimming Pills | Kenny Calls on Ahern to Resign
Did Jesus, the Divine Lord of Ireland, Exist? | The First Historical Record of Jesus
The Second Historical Record of Jesus | …the 3rd Record | …the 4th & 5th Records
Well-Known Irish Atheists | More Irish Atheists than Census Suggests
The Hibernian Remembers Katy French
| How Much Irish Money was in Ahern’s Safe?
Ad for Fishy Slimming Pills is Banned | Papal Offer Makes Plavsa Claims Seem Credible
Today is Digout Day | Veritas, Cribs, SPUC and SPUCIT| I Can Has Teebagz?
Money makes the World Go Round
| The Budget in Planet Bertie Currencies
‘Digout Des’ Digs Himself in Deeper
| Digout Des and the Maze of Confusion
Fianna Fail’s Fifty Ways to Laugh at Voters | plus Funny Version | plus Video Version
Willie O’Dea Paid More than Dick Cheney | Political Scandals Must Have Consequences
Conor Lenihan Worth More than Entire US Senate
| The Right to a Funeral of Your Choice
When Did Ahern Meet the Manchester Millionaires? | Bohs Fans Reclaim Our Name
FAI Postpones Final for Junket in Surf City | FAI Seek People Who Understand Football
Jailed Thugs is a Good Result for Irish Football | Bohs Fans Raise €1,000 for Bar Owner
Did You Give This Man $45,000? | Mahon Tribunal is Bertie Ahern’s Monica Lewinsky
67 Reasons Why Condoms Spread AIDS | FAI Postpones Cup Final for Junket in Sun City
Bertie Ahern & the Benevolent Buddies | …Briefcase of Banknotes | …Bungee Bank Balance
Warning: Eddie Hobbs Might ‘Loose’ Your Money | FAI = Total Official Looniness Abroad
Promoting the Fictions of God & Astrology | Devout Irish Catholics & English Homosexuals
Temptresses, Winged Frogs and Vatican Demons | Liberal Anti-Lifers & Sodomite Alliances
Fishy Claims of Plavsa Slimming Pills | If It Bleeds, It Leads – Is There Any Good News?
Vote Labour, Get a Free Sinn Fein Senator | Michael D Higgins is Very Direct With Us
What Does it Mean to Be an Irish Sports Fan? | And the Glasgow Celtic Won’t be There!
Bertie Finds Three More Jobs in the Cookie Jar | When Fine Gael Raided the Cookie Jar
Catholic Archbishop Fails Bible Test | Yet Another Clerical Child-Abuse Scandal
Trevor’s Incredible Stretching Conscience | Hot Press Patronises League of Ireland Football
Bohs v Rovers – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly | Save Sodomy from Ulster
Ireland is a One-Party State | Bee Flynn for Toaiseach in 2012 | The Aggressive Secularist

Monday Quiz – This Week Last Year in Ireland

Pink Smoke and Assaulted TD | DNA & Christmas Breaks | Ticket Touts & Father Ted
Digout Debts & Racist Terms | Kerry Taliban & Sorry Lawyers| Irish Knights & Mobile Phones
The Spirit of Irish Christmas | School Bullies & Hold-Ups | Litter Louts & Silly Surfers
Mad Inventors, Mad Consultants
| Fair City, Bad Taste Whiskey | Cannabis & Cats in Court
Sick Judges & Sean Who?
| Diets & Tricky Shoplifters | Harlots & Trapped Kittens
Binge Drinkers & Bangers
| First-Time Sex & Bono’s Trousers | Dolly Mixtures & MacSalads
Flower Beds, Inciting Hatred | Angry Mobs & Leggy Distractions | Conmen & Drunk Drivers
Angelus & Sporting Weights
| Electric Picnic & Wicklow Midges | Cannabis Ban & Childish GAA
Lost Luggage & Criminal Assets
| Big Brother & Eye in the Sky | Schoolbus Ban, Strongest Man
Cartoon TDs & Tax Avoiders
| Irish Taxes, Cromwell’s Council | Binge Drinkers & Tab Dodgers
Bishops & Millionaires | Speeding Fines & Arctic Monkeys | Sexy Legs & Summer Madness

Morph Babies

Number 1 – The Glory of His Pass | Number 2 – The Chuckle Brothers

Other Quizzes

Early Irish Olympians | Index-Linked Morality from the 1960s
Hot Press Quotes of the Year 2007 | Father Jack’s Ejaculations
First Five Irish Number One Albums in UK | The Dublin Homes of James Joyce
The Cast of Wanderly Wagon
| Irish Counties that are Scrabble Words
Ireland’s Most-Capped World Cup Finalists | Nicknames of Dublin Landmarks
What do U2 Think of Each Other? | Irish References in the Simpsons
The Five Streets of Henry Moore | Irish Political Anagrams
Real Names of Irish Personalities | The Accidents of Father Larry Duff
You Rip Open Your Ribcage… | Kreacher from Harry Potter – An Irish Icon?
Those Father Ted Mastermind Questions – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Cleesawns, Hallions, Tippers and Who-But-Me’s |
First Ten Irish Number 1 Singles in the UK | The Irish Star who Became a Planet
Irish Counties Named after People | Irish Counties Named after Places
Childishly Rude Irish Placenames | Most-Landed-On Irish Monopoly Squares
Ten Irish Bans and Condemnations | Ten More Irish Bans and Condemnations

Prank Letters

Prank Letter to Minister for Health | Reply from Minister for Health
Prank Letter to Irish Bishops | Reply from Bishop of Limerick and Killaloe
Prank Letter to Charles J Haughey | Reply from Charles J Haughey
Prank Letter to Football Clubs | Replies from Football Clubs | Replies from FA and FAI
Prank Letter to Dana | Reply from Dana | Prank Letter to Irish MEPs | Replies from MEPs
Prank Letter to Bishop Pat Buckley | Reply from Bishop Buckley | 2nd Letter | 2nd Reply
Prank Letter to Australian Museum | Reply from Australian Museum
Prank Letter to Phonographic Federation | Reply from Phonographic Federation
Prank Letter to Minister for Gaeltacht | Reply from Minister | Reply from Trevor Sargent
Prank Letter to Cunard Cruise Line | Reply from Cunard Cruise Line
1st Prank Letter to Ryanair | 1st Reply | 2nd Prank Letter to Ryanair | 2nd Reply
3rd Prank Letter to Ryanair | 3rd Reply | 4th Prank Letter to Ryanair | 4th Reply
Prank Letter to Irish President Mary McAleese | Reply from Mary McAleese
Prank Letter to Michael D Higgins | and Reply | to Michael D’s Publisher | and Reply
Prank Letter to JobNews Newspaper and Reply
Prank Dogbowl Letters 1 – to the Taoiseach | 2 – Reply | 3 – to the IDA | 4 – Reply
5 – from the Taoiseach | 6 – from the IDA | 7 – to the Taoiseach and Reply
8 – to the IDA | 9 – Reply | 10 – to Bord Trachtala | 11 – Reply | 12 – to the Taoiseach

That’s Pirate Radio

Radio Dublin 253 | Dr Don Moore | Fighting the Law | The Big 3 | Radio 2 Cominatcha!
Sunshine Radio | Radio Nova | A.R.D. Closes Down | Nova Northside | The 1983 Raids
We’re Jamming | Rambo’s Law | Century Radio | End of an Era | An Irish Tradition


2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Heather  |  March 13, 2008 at 9:59 am

    Hi Michael,

    Would you be able to email me or call me on 053-9145200 ext.212 – it’s regarding a radio interview about St. Patrick’s Day.

    Many thanks,


  • 2. Rowan Manahan  |  May 14, 2008 at 11:04 am

    Hi Michael,

    So – they’re going to reduce the speed limit on the M50 once it’s completed, even though it is (M !) a motorway … Wait until you hear their thinking!

    Thought this one might interest you. The lady behind it is appearing on Q102 this evening on the topic.


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