Irish Golfer Wins Lowest Ever Prize Money

From the homepage of the Irish Times today:
IT Golf
Actually, McDowell won $333,000 of a $2.9m prize fund.


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Bertie Ahern Gets Another Huge Digout

Here’s an interesting sight from yesterday on Drumcondra Road – a large-scale digout operation going on in front of Saint Luke’s, Bertie Ahern’s famous constituency office cum sleepover pad cum informal financing office.

Saint Lukes Digout

So what is going on? Perhaps, as Ahern feared at the Tribunal, Saint Lukes is actually sliding into the Tolka (presumably underneath the several buildings in between it and the river)? Or perhaps the digout is an audacious tunnelling attempt to reach Ahern’s infamous ‘safe safe’? You know, the one that turns random uncounted bundles of Irish and English money into large exact round-sum dollar and sterling amounts? Or a briefcase of £30,000 in cash left by Michael Wall for Ahern? Or an envelope with £20,000 in cash left by Tim Collins for Joe Burke?

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Monday Quiz 39 – Junkets and Jail Terms

Sadly, another week has passed during which real life has interrupted my blog posting. However, nothing can stop the Monday Quiz. On this week last year (Mar 17 to Mar 23, 2007):

  • Which Government Minister cost most to travel on their Saint Patrick’s Day junket – Martin Cullen going to San Francisco, Noel Dempsey going to Dallas and Houston, or Mary harney going to Scandinavia?
  • Which Junior Minister cost most to travel on their Saint Patrick’s Day Junket – Pat ‘the Cope’ Gallagher going to Atlanta and Philadelphia, Michael Ahern going to Kuala Lumpar and Singapore, or Tom Parlon going to South Africa?
  • Why was former Fianna Fail Councillor Michael ‘the Stroke’ Fahey of Galway jailed for twelve months and fined €75,000?
  • Whey were 400 prisoners or former prisoners suing the State?
  • What shock did passengers on two Aer Lingus flights to Rome get?

Click here for answers: >>> (more…)

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Cribbing and Moaning About the Economy

A quick thought arose when I read today that Bertie Ahern sees a hard economic year ahead. He said that we won’t escape the effects of an American recession, and that:

Every 10,000 houses less that are built knocks 1 per cent off growth and that takes a fair bit out [of the employment figures]. That’s the rule of thumb. It also takes a considerable amount of revenue out as well. We are not going to see bounce-back in that in the short term.

And I wondered, can this be the same man who said last July that he doesn’t know how people who crib and moan about the economy don’t commit suicide?

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Monday Quiz 38 – Beggars, Bebo and Free Books

On this week last year (Mar 10 to Mar 16, 2007):

  • How did a young Dublin beggar change a law introduced during the famine?
  • Who was Falmouth Kearney, and why was he in the news?
  • What territorial occupation did the Minister for the Environment oppose?
  • Why did Bebo remove pages by Limerick teenagers?
  • Who distributed 50,000 free books at public events and through letterboxes in Dublin South East?

Click here for answers: >>> (more…)

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Battle of the St Patrick’s Day T-Shirts

Some options available for online purchase by the discerning Irish parader:

PD FightPD Irish UpPD Car

PD BlahPD DefendPD Gold

PD DrunkPD ShitfacedPD Bitches

You can buy the top row from Speak Up Designs, the middle row from FlippinSweetGear, and the bottom row from CafePress.

March 9, 2008 at 8:18 pm 3 comments

Oasis Tribute – Wonderwall from Donegal

This is what might have been if Oasis were from Donegal (a video tribute from YouTube user Cornyack):

March 8, 2008 at 8:18 pm 1 comment

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