Ten Most Catholic Rural Irish Places

January 23, 2008 at 12:04 am 3 comments

Taghboy in County Roscommon is one of only four rural Irish places where everybody is a Roman Catholic, and there are seven more places where there is only one non-Catholic. Here are the top ten Catholic Rural Irish places, based on the recently-released Small Area Census Statistics. >>>

Twelve Most Catholic Rural Irish Places

  • 100% – Taghboy, County Roscommon (402 people, all are Catholic)
  • 100% – Derrinboy, County Offaly (261 people, all are Catholic)
  • 100% – Bunlahy, County Longford (167 people, all are Catholic)
  • 100% – Glenco/Sheskin, County Mayo (117 people, all are Catholic)
  • 99.6% – Lismanny, County Galway (241 people, only 1 non-Catholic)
  • 99.6% – Shronowen, County Kerry (239 people, only 1 non-Catholic)
  • 99.4% – Rathealy, County Kilkenny (166 people, only 1 non-Catholic)
  • 99.3% – Boola, County Limerick (142 people, only 1 non-Catholic)
  • 99.2% – Derrylahan, County Cavan (120 people, only 1 non-Catholic)
  • 99.1% – Scregg, County Galway (221 people, only 2 non-Catholics)
  • 99.1% – Tulla, County Offaly (110 people, only 1 non-Catholic)
  • 99.0% – Kilgeever, County Mayo (105 people, only 1 non-Catholic)

Pedantry alert: I decided to make this a list of twelve instead of ten so that I could include all of the places that have only one non-Catholic.The sole non-Catholics in Lismanny, Shronowen, Rathealy, Booly and Derrylahan have no religion. Scregg has one person with no religion, and one person who did not answer the question. Tulla and Kilgeever each have one person of a different stated religion.

The average for the State is 86.8% (approx 4.2m people, approx 3.7m Catholics).


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  • 1. Eddie  |  March 8, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    Is this like a hit list or something….?

    What’s the point?

    If you and your cats went to one of these places you could take over! (But why only six cats wen you could have, say 34 cats?)

    Seriously is this what liberals have resorted too? Funnily I tried to do the same idea another way, but I couldnt find a whole town full of heathens and cats!

  • 2. Tom  |  March 28, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    Anyone checked out http://tradvocations.blogspot.com yet?

  • 3. modestoroger  |  June 7, 2008 at 1:57 am

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